Diabetes Nurse Review: Helena Farrell

Irish Diabetes Nurse, Helena Farrell, has been a fan of Timesulin since she first heard about the concept back in October 2011. One of the first ones to get patients at her Diabetes Insight clinic to use Timesulin, her enthusiasm to help those living with the condition lead a better life is purely contagious! She shares her experiences using Timesulin at Diabetes Insight with us:

HELENA FARRELL, DIABETES INSIGHT (www.diabetesinsight.ie)

Throughout my sixteen years in nursing practice, adherence to medications has been a consistent problem and one which many health care professionals underestimate. This is no more so in diabetes, where I would receive panicked phone calls from clients who have forgotten to take their insulin injections and wondering what to do. Many studies have been conducted on adherence to medications/insulin in diabetes, with many citing forgetfulness as one of the primary reasons as to why this occurs.

That is why I welcome Timesulin to the market, an innovative, easy to use product that has been both needed and anticipated by both individuals with diabetes and health care professionals for some time. To say I have been impressed by both the enthusiasm and professionalism of the Timesulin team is an understatement. It is wonderful to see products and innovations for diabetes coming to the market that are designed by the very people who experience diabetes on a day to day basis. And John Sjölund, CEO and founder of Timesulin, who has Type 1 diabetes, embodies this. For me having a product in my practice, that is designed and used by someone who has Type 1 Diabetes, gives that product even more credence, and Timesulin is no exception.

Presently in my practice, I have a number of my clients using Timesulin and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive in more ways than one.

Firstly the ease of use of the Timesulin cap has been a feature that has been consistently reported back to me. For me as a health care professional, time is of the essence when educating individuals with diabetes, and Timesulin buys into this philosophy. It requires very little instruction for having such a huge benefit to my clients which is always a good thing!

Secondly, and this is the most obvious feature, fear of forgetting a dose of insulin or overlapping on doses are allayed, as it is recorded in black and white on the cap, when you took your last dose. The stress, panic and fear of not remembering or knowing you have forgotten your insulin disappears when using Timesulin, and this is vital for anyone who has to take injections several times a day, while fitting diabetes into their busy lifestyles.

Finally, this has been the feedback that has surprised me and benefitted my clients the most, is how using Timesulin has made them more aware of their daily routine. They can now clearly see when they took their last injection, and are becoming aware of how long a gap they are leaving between injections, or the opposite, how little a gap there is, especially when taking fast acting insulin injections. For many of them this has been a real eye opener and they have regulated their routine accordingly. It is early days yet, but, because of this simple change, they are reporting they have better control of their blood sugar levels because of a regular routine. For me, this has been a surprising but delightful benefit of Timesulin and has aided me in the education and support I give to my clients with diabetes. I look forward to bringing Timesulin to even more of my clients, and seeing the benefits it gives to them as it has to others.


  1. I am very interested in timeinsulin and would like to know if it’s available to buy in shops not just online. I am not a fan of buying online.
    I live in Manchester so plenty of shops .
    Thank – you .
    Regina Curran

    • Dear Regina – thanks for getting in touch with us! If it’s of any help I can get someone to call you and you can make the purchase over the phone? We will hopefully have Timesulin available at a pharmacy near you soon, but in the meantime we’re happy to facilitate a phone payment if you think that will help!


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