Overview of a 44 mile run for Diabetes!

HE DID IT! Timesulin supporter Gavin Griffiths completed his 44mile run on Saturday between Hastings Pier and Brighton Pier. We stayed in touch with him during the day via Twitter, using #diathlete. He had hypos, a stomach scare, sore armpits, burning hamstrings and suffered up and down the hilly roads, but his dedication to help raise funds and awareness for diabetes – in particular for JDRF UK – kept him going.

My favourite bit was right at the end: as Gavin was recovering from his monster run, a friend commented on the fact that Gav’s hair still looked perfect. To this, Gavin calmly quipped, “I’m worth it!”

You are, Gavin, you are!

Gavin Griffiths in this Timesulin shirt after running 44 miles for JDRF UK

Gavin has raised over a £1000 for JDRF UK so far – show your support here!

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  1. What a run!! I am proud of you, and want to tell you that you are an inspiration for others with diabetes to start running or doing other kinds of fysical exercise.

    Good luck with next run!

    Oslo, Norway


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