Roche Canada launches partnership with Timesulin


Global leader in diabetes care, Roche Diagnostics, has partnered with London-based Patients Pending Ltd. to launch a creative partnership program with diabetes device Timesulin in Canada. The program aims to improve adherence to recommended testing frequencies and ease worry around their insulin administration for the more than 690,000 people living with Type 1 and advanced Type 2 diabetes in Canada. This follows on the successful rollout of a similar campaign this past winter in Belgium, where Roche Diagnostics offered a complimentary Timesulin unit with each Accu-Chek Mobile Blood Glucose Monitoring system ordered.

In Canada, the program will be rolled out to two audiences – one across 500 outlets of a national retail pharmacy as an add on to all purchases of the Accu-Chek Aviva Test & Go blood glucose meter and the other targeting over 700 healthcare centers with a joint offer of Timesulin and the Accu-Chek Mobile device. Timesulin is a new and much talked-about brand to the global diabetes care platform, first launched to consumers in Europe in February 2012. The smart replacement cap has an incorporated timer to show users of the leading insulin pen brands how long it’s been since their last insulin injection to help avoid missed or accidental double insulin doses – a major cause for anxiety for those living with diabetes, as well as their caregivers.

The synergy between Roche Canada and the Timesulin smart cap for insulin pens is a natural fit for the Canadian market where healthcare professionals take an active role in their patients’ management of long-term conditions. Tim Emberg, Head of Marketing at Roche Diagnostics Canada says, “Both Timesulin and Roche share a genuine passion for making life easier for people living with diabetes. The simplicity that the new Timesulin smart cap brings to people with diabetes is something that really resonates with the Roche portfolio of diabetes care products in general – and the strip-free Accu-Chek Mobile and Accu-Chek Aviva Test & Go blood glucose monitoring systems in particular.”

And the news of this collaboration, which introduces Timesulin to the North American market for the first time, has the online diabetes community buzzing. Dr. Anne Marie Hospod (@SweetRunMD), a diabetes blogger from Toronto (says, “The news that Timesulin will be available in Canada is wonderful! I have lived with Type 1 diabetes for 25 years, and have always used insulin pens to administer my four-a-day insulin shots. As a doctor, an endurance athlete, and an outdoor enthusiast I lead a very active and busy life and am all too familiar with the memory game that accompanies injections. Although diabetes does not stop me from reaching my goals, having a product like Timesulin will enable me to live my life with one less worry, and allow for me to concentrate on things other than the management of my condition.”

Timesulin co-founder and CEO, John Sjölund, himself living with Type 1 for more than 27 years, is proud of adding Canada to the list of countries that now have access to Timesulin through this innovative partnership with Roche. “To have Roche Diagnostics as partner in Canada is so satisfying…we share a real passion to help all people with diabetes lead a life that is a little easier and a partnership that ensures safer insulin administration and blood glucose control makes perfect sense. Timesulin is exactly the product that was missing from my diabetes care kit and to have this handy tool available around the globe is extremely gratifying.”

Those living with diabetes in Canada can now claim their complimentary Timesulin cap if their diabetes team decides that the Accu-Chek Mobile or Accu-Chek Aviva Test & Go system is the right blood glucose monitoring system for them. Each Accu-Chek Mobile or Aviva Test & Go system issued during the campaign will be shipped with a voucher for one complimentary Timesulin unit to match their insulin pen. Timesulin is currently compatible with the FlexPen from Novo Nordisk, the SoloStar insulin pen from Sanofi, and the KwikPen from Lilly. For additional information, please visit


  1. Hi,

    I am a diabetes educator in Windsor, Ontario and I would like to request a Timsulin pen for Lantus insulin. Are you able to send me one?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Ellen,

      Somebody from the team has reached out – if for any reason the response did not come through, please sent us a email at support at


    • Hej jag fick en Timesulin för en tid sedan den är fantastik bra till min Lantus men i dag upptäckte jag att jag, vet ej om jag tog den andra sprutan victoza i går, för i dag när jag skulle ta båda mina sprutor så satt nålen i och utdragen till mängden 1,8 enheter, så därför fråga jag er om man får tillhandahålla en Timesulin till min victozaspenna. Nu mera tar jag två olika sprutor på morgonen och så händer detta nu blir jag ju bekymrad när minnet sviker mig. Sedan måste jag fråga hur byter man batterit när det tar slut.

  2. I just seen the Timesulin and wanted to know if there are any offers to receive one. I live in Riverview, NB

    • Enter the campaign code xmas14 during checkout!

  3. Can you please advise how my brother in Calgary Alberta can obtain a timesulin ?

    • Dear Luci, I have emailed you directly!



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