Valentine’s Day: Spare a Rose – Save a Child.

Spare_a_Rose_save_a_childThis week we celebrate Valentine’s Day and the Timesulin team is thrilled to do our bit to join the online diabetes community – under guidance from our friends Kelly CloseManny HernandezBennet DunlapAdam BrownJeff Hitchcock, and Kerri Sparling to ‘Spare a Rose – Save a Child’ with diabetes.

Please join us!

The idea is simple – instead of the usual twelve roses you buy your loved one on Valentine’s Day this year, only get them eleven and then donate the money you saved by buying one less rose to the IDF’s Life for a Child program. We recently highlighted this worthwhile cause when we donated our Christmas bonuses to the charity and love the fact that the international community is showing its support too.

This Valentine’s Day, we can both show our affection for loved ones at home and give a little help to those we have some much in common with around the world for whom access to care and insulin is not as easy as it is for all of us. It is a simple, caring, but life-changing message. And it shows that the diabetes online community takes care of one another, both online and off.

What better way to show love this Valentine’s day? Oh, and when you Tweet about this initiative, please use the hashtag #sparearose.



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