Timesulin Aims to Help You Remember Whether or Not You Took Your Insulin

Did you take your insulin? Timesulin wants to help you remember

By Shannon Dauphin

One of the most unique questions we ask is, “Did I take my shot…or not?” Many of those who are insulin-dependent have often run into the dreaded question of whether they took their insulin shot. Ironically enough, that question has become much more prevalent in the years since the insulin pen became more popular than the traditional syringe and vial. Drawing insulin up in a syringe takes much more time, and thus more attention; an insulin pen allows you to dial up the proper insulin amount and take the shot within seconds.But since insulin pens have no benchmark to remind you of how long it was since your last injection, the possibility of skipping an injection — or taking a second shot, thus giving yourself too much insulin — is a very real and constant worry.

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