Timesulin opens its (web) doors to the public

It is an immensely proud day in my life as a person living with diabetes for over 26 years to announce the European launch of Timesulin. Timesulin was an idea originally conceived in 2008 by co-founder – and my brother – Andreas Sjölund to once and for all end the issue I faced with forgetting if I have taken my insulin injections or not.

As somebody who takes at least four insulin injections per day – 28 shots per week, 120 shots per month or a minimum of 1460 injections per year – I’m going to forget sometimes, right? For many years I asked my doctors and nurses why there was not a simple solution to this problem and I could never get an answer. To this day there still remains no way for those of us who use different types and brands of insulin to know with certainty when we last took our insulin. Well, I should say up to yesterday there was no solution. The solution has arrived and now we can focus all that energy into other aspects of our lives! Living with diabetes is a 24/7 job. Despite our best efforts, it’s tough everyday – we at Timesulin are aiming to make one aspect of life just a little bit more simple.

Some interesting facts of how we got to this point:

There have been over 100 iterations of the design of the product with many, many different features before we got to the final product. Below is an early 3D rendering that the third co-founder and Timesulin CTO Marcel Botha created – my directive as a user? Make it less bulky!

Timesulin 3D Image - the original drawing

We also tested many different formations of the clip to see how we could maximise function and aesthetics of the product. After all, we didn’t want our product to create any additional bulk. It needs to fit in our pockets, our jeans, our backpacks or handbags and our lives – just as well as the original.

Timesulin Old Shape

We also tested lots of different features in the product including alarms, memory functions, dosing information etc. While I am sure that all of us living with diabetes can benefit from more information and more data – sometimes we just want to make our lives a little bit simpler and balanced. Our idea was to produce something that was so easy to use that it didn’t even require an instruction manual. No new systems to learn, no menus to navigate, no clocks to program and no buttons to push. It does one important thing well – when you get that feeling in your body wondering if you took your insulin or not – Timesulin lets you know when the last time you took your insulin was. Simple.

Timesulin three caps for Flexpen, Solostar and Kwikpen

Today we are releasing the first three Timesulin caps that together cover 10 different types of the most common insulin types for people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. We have received many thousands of requests to develop caps for additional pens and all I can say is – watch this space, we are hoping to be able to solve this problem for everybody.

Being a Timesulin user over the last months has been a fantastic experience for me. It hasn’t solve all issues with my diabetes, but it makes one aspect of it easier for me. I hope that the product works for you and gives you a little more time to concentrate on something other than your diabetes.

Now help us tell the world about this handy new device so we can help as many others living with this same frustration every day lead a life that is just a little bit easier! And if you’ve already received your Timesulin cap, please share the experience with us via our Facebook page, or via Twitter. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Thank you for all the support thus far,

/John, a proud person with diabetes of over 26 years.


  1. John Rusk says:

    When will the timeinsulin cap be released for the American market?

    • Hi John – thanks for the enthusiasm! We are currently awaiting our FDA approval, after which time we’ll be rolling out throughout North America. We’ll be sure to share the news with you via the blog and also on Facebook (www.facebook.com/timesulin).
      Warm regards,

  2. Robert Williams says:

    When will the Timesulin cap be available in South Africa, or am I able to purchase it on-line with delivery to South Africa?

    • Hi Robert – thanks for getting in touch! We are speaking with some distributors in South Africa at the moment and hope to be able to start selling in SA very soon. Unfortunately we are not shipping to South Africa via our website at the moment. Stay in touch, though – we’ll have good news for you very soon.

  3. Michael Holton says:

    I use a Lilly Humapen Luxura. Will your device work with this?

  4. Joan Greener says:

    I am looking forward to Timesulin being developed to fit the Lilly Humapen Luxura. I am like a number of people when I put the food on plates/table I forget to take my insulin and then cannot remember if I have in fact took my insulin, with resultant very high blood readings.

  5. MARINA GERBER says:

    I live in South Africa and am lost since Eli Lily changed their Humalog pens. Where can I buy this wonderfull device or from where can it be imported? The old pens could be turned back and you could count at least the last injection, giving a good indication when you can not remember did i or did i not inject.

    • sjolundjohninstall2 says:

      Hi Marina,

      Many thanks for reaching out to us – while we are based in the UK, we have two South African’s and a Namibian onboard the team!

      Because of medical device regulation, we are not registered to sell the product in South Africa unfortunately. If you are ever in Europe you do have the ability to buy it there. Perhaps that can work for you? Many thanks for reaching out and the support!

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