Your first chance to WIN Timesulin!

We have partnered up with Diabetes UK to offer you the very exclusive opportunity to win one of ten Timesulin caps! Balance Timesulin competition March April 2012


  1. philip feiven says:

    when are you going to make one to fit a novo rapid 3 pen please

  2. Michael Holton says:

    I use a Lilly Humapen Luxura insulin pen with Hypurin Porcine 70/30 insulin. I need something to tell me if I’ve injected or not and what dose I injected. Your device looks like it may solve my problems but I don’t know if it will work with my pen so would you please let me know whether it would be worth me investing in it. Many thanks, Michael Holton

  3. gabi koplin says:

    hello from portugal
    iam reading about your cap- sounds really interesting – however does it also tell you how much insulin you have put or just the time when you used last?


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