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12 Diabetes Blogs You Should Be Reading

165569808We spend a lot of time reading blogs and news stories to stay on top of what’s going on in the DOC (diabetes online community). Because of that, we’ve piled up our RSS reader with tons of great articles and have found some bloggers that really stick out above the rest.

Here’s 12 diabetes blogs that you should be reading on a regular basis, in no particular order.

1. Six Until Me ( – The brainchild of Kerri Sparling, Six Until Me is a first person account of life with diabetes. Kerri started the blog after getting frustrated by not being able to find any resources that spoke positively about life with diabetes. Six Until Me helped pave the way for the larger network of diabetes focused blogs today.

2. Diabetes Mine ( – Diabetes Mine is a community of PWDs that covers almost every facet of life with diabetes. They have facts about diabetes, tips for management, interviews and write-ups about celebrities with diabetes, as well as diabetes product reviews and research papers.

3. Insulin Nation ( – Insulin Nation is a great resource for the PWD community and focuses entirely on diabetes therapy, covering news and research about insulin and insulin related products and technology.

4. A Sweet Life ( – A Sweet Life was started by a couple, Mike and Jessica, after they were both diagnosed with T1D. Their blog has grown tremendously and features staples like diabetes-friendly recipes, diet tips, and news. They’ve also got a great section of personal blogs covering diabetes from almost every perspective – college students, young adults, endurance trainers, parents, and seniors.

5. Scott’s Diabetes ( – Run by Scott K. Johnson, this blog covers the personal aspects of managing T1D, along with some general diabetes-related news.

6. I Run on Insulin ( – I Run on Insulin is the personal blog of Alexis Pollak and follows her experience with diabetes management. Getting diagnosed with Type 1 at age 10, she immediately started on a diabetes management regimen with her grandfather who was an endocrinologist at the MAYO Clinic.

7. Texting My Pancreas ( – Texting My Pancreas is a personal blog written by Kim Vlasnik and covers the daily ups and downs of life with diabetes. She also runs the You Can Do This Project, which is a great collection of uplifting and informative user generated videos from PWDs about dealing with diabetes.

8. Diabetes Stories ( – Diabetes Stories is a website run by our friend, Riva Greenberg – Huffington Post columnist, author, speaker, and certified health and wellness coach. The whole point of the blog is to allow PWDs a platform to share their stories so that we can learn more about how others live with diabetes.

9. ( – Diabetes UK is the largest diabetes-focused organization in the UK. Their blog focuses on diabetes management and rounds up personal stories from people with diabetes.

10. Everyday Ups and Downs ( – Everyday Ups and Downs is a blog that focuses on the family aspect of diabetes management. Mike, his wife Jane, and their two daughters contribute regularly about diabetes and how it affects their family, as well as goings on in the DOC.

11. Shoot Up or Put Up ( – A diabetes lifestyle blog by Tim Brown and Alison Finney, Shoot Up or Put Up features personal stories and posts about diabetes, with a strong slant on lifestyle. They also play host to a great forum for people with Type 1 (, which is a great place to ask questions and connect with other PWDs.

12. Ninjabetic ( – Ninjabetic is a personal blog, run by George Simmons, that covers daily life with diabetes. George’s personal experiences about life with T1D are helpful because they show the day-to-day challenges faced by most of us and give us insight into how others are managing their diabetes.

Reading up on diabetes care, sharing stories, and connecting with others who understand the unique issues that we face is an important part of self care. By connecting and interacting with others in the DOC, we can share tips, encourage each other and make our diabetes management regimens better overall.

Let us know – what are your favorite blogs within the diabetes community?


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