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3 Ways to Celebrate World Diabetes Day

Nov-14-diabetesYou may have noticed lots of chatter about World Diabetes Day lately – both from us and the DOC. We can’t help it – we’re always excited about this time of year. There’s something really special about seeing all the different diabetes communities come together as one global community. Still, by now I’m sure you’re all sick and tired of hearing us write about World Diabetes Day, and just want to know how you can get involved in the excitement. Well, don’t fear, we have some tips for you on getting into the spirit of World Diabetes Day 2013 and finding some fun things to join.

Do the Big Blue Test!

One of the easiest and most beneficial ways to celebrate WDD is to participate in the Diabetes Hands Foundation’s program: the Big Blue Test. The BBT is an effort to get the diabetes community active and aware of how even a small amount of physical activity can have a large impact on blood sugar. How does it work? You check your blood sugar and log the starting level. Then, do moderate activity for 15 to 20 minutes (this could be anything from a quick jog around the block, taking your dog for a walk, or just doing basic household chores). Afterwards, check your BGL and log them in to see the difference a few minutes of physical activity can make.

It only takes about 30 minutes to participate, and every time you log your results, an automatic donation goes out to nonprofits that help people within the diabetes community get the support and resources that they need.

Start A Flash-Mob

A thoroughly modern tradition that has sprang up around world diabetes day is the flash mob. For those who don’t know, flash mobs are impromptu (well, usually impromptu) gatherings of people to celebrate an event, put on a show, or otherwise just have some fun. Flash mobs began as pranks but have since grown to include elaborately choreographed and thoroughly practiced spectacles, such as the famous T-Mobile commercial where professional dancers put on a dance routine with umbrellas inside New York’s Grand Central Station.

But just because you aren’t quite sure what goes into choreographing a major dance routine or haven’t practiced anything doesn’t mean you can’t get together a flash mob of your own. For World Diabetes Day, the IDF is encouraging people with diabetes and their supporters and loved ones to meet up while wearing blue and trying to incorporate the Diabetes circle imagery. Instead of dancing across your town square or performing for thousands, consider meeting up with other members of your local diabetes community for some tea and a brisk walk through town. You’ll get some exercise, meet some great people in the diabetes community, and help raise awareness!

Blue Lightings

A lot of people are wearing blue today to celebrate World Diabetes Day (including us!), but taking it a step further, you can check out the WDD Blue Lightings in London at the BT Tower and the Royal Free Hospital (you can find a map here). Or, if you’re in Stockholm, find the Blue Lightings at the Ericsson Globe, Strömsborg, and Grev Turegatan 8.

Let us know how you celebrated World Diabetes Day by commenting, sending us an email, or sharing your photos with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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