Partners help us bring Timesulin to the world

Timesulin offers our partners across the globe an opportunity to expand their existing Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes and medical device product care portfolios with a simple product that adds value to patients and increases safety.

Simple to use, adaptable to all major disposable insulin pens and an affordable option for both diabetes specialist nurses and doctors to recommend to their patients, Timesulin offers the latest innovation in insulin pen injection therapy and has changed the way that people with diabetes are treating their condition.

We currently distribute Timesulin in 42 countries around the world as a CE certified class 1 medical device. We are also approved by the FDA.

We work with:

  • Medical device distributors who want a product which is easy to explain, simple to sell and has attractive margins
  • To diabetes patient organisations. We are a best selling product with Europe’s largest diabetes patient organisation, Diabetes UK.
  • We work with Big Pharma partners – for example we have completed successful co-marketing campaigns with Roche Diagnostic in 5 countries.

Ultimately, we rely on the local expertise offered by our carefully selected partners to build the Timesulin brand globally as we continue to develop innovative products to make life with diabetes easier for patients.

What makes Timesulin an attractive business partner?

Timesulin is the only solution on the market that:

  • Does not interfere with the insulin pen’s delivery mechanism – Timesulin is a safe option
  • Classified as a Type 1 medical device – most countries do not require additional regulations
  • Requires no minimum insulin dosage to work
  • Is extremely simple to use as it requires no setup, programming or charging
    Works straight out of the box

Timesulin Partner Support

The Timesulin sales team offers our international network of carefully selected partners a long-lasting commitment and support to help them excel in their region. We distribute regular brand updates, highlighted facts from recent global diabetes studies and marketing and sales tools that make bringing the Timesulin message to their buyer network easy.

Contact Timesulin

If you are interested in becoming a Timesulin distributor in your region, get in touch with a brief outline of your company’s background and we will respond to discuss next steps.