Timesulin is for Parents

Having your child diagnosed with diabetes is a scary place to be in. There is nothing you wouldn’t do to make life for your child with diabetes easier. And as a family there is a huge transition period – other children may start acting out, everything you once held dear seems to be in the balance…we know!

Our CEO John Sjölund was diagnosed with Type 1 when he was three and his mom has given us first-hand reminders of how tough life is when diabetes gets thrown into the family. While Timesulin cannot take this diagnosis away for your family, we can help make life with diabetes a little bit easier.

Two parents one child with diabetes

When two parents are caring for a child with diabetes, communication is crucial. Knowing who is responsible for what and at what time cannot be left to chance. While every family has their own routine, it can be a great comfort to both parents and teachers to know exactly when the last injection was given so that accidental double doses and missed insulin injections can be avoided. Timesulin simply shows the time since the last insulin injection was administered to help the adults in a child with diabetes’ life make good choices when it comes to food and exercise. Parents worry about their kids whether or not they have diabetes. Timesulin can help you worry less and live a little easier.

Smart diabetes tech – no manual required

Have you heard the expression “so easy, even a child can use it”? With technology changing so quickly, it’s often the children helping parents learn new technology and not the other way around! We designed Timesulin to be so easy that even parents can use it! Just replace the cap that comes standard with your child’s insulin pen with a Timesulin smart cap. When the cap is removed to take an injection, the timer is automatically reset. Oh, and you can take the cap off briefly to see how much insulin is left without affecting the timer – we thought of that too! Read more about how Timesulin works here.

Teaching your child to inject insulin

“Did you brush your teeth?”
“Have you washed your hands?”

These are questions asked by all parents that are beginning to teach their children to take responsibility for their own wellbeing. Teaching your child with diabetes to take responsibility for their injections and blood sugar control can be an enormous challenge. After all, the consequences of missing an injection or double dosing may be impossible for a young person to understand.

At the same time, you just want your child to live a normal and balanced life. Part of this means giving them the confidence to manage their own diabetes care and showing that you trust them.

As your child begins to take responsibility for their own injections, Timesulin can be an excellent way to confirm that your child is taking injections on time and provide peace of mind for the both of you. More importantly, for a child ready to start administering their own injections, it can be a great confidence booster to see – and be able to show you – the time since they administered their insulin injection.