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It’s probably a safe bet to say that modern technology has made all of us a little more distracted. Whether we’re texting friends, checking our email, watching television, or playing video games, being able to focus completely on a task has become a bit of a chore. Unfortunately, that distraction can come at a cost – especially when you have diabetes and need to be able to remember when (or if) you took your last shot. So what do you do if you forgot to take insulin? 

Accidents happen and sometimes insulin shots get overlooked, and when that happens, we’ve covered the basics for accounting for that oversight in our blog post here about “What to Do if You Forget Your Insulin Shot”.

But what if you just want to create an environment that helps you stay on track with your insulin schedule? Well, there’s some easy tips that can help you remember to take your shot and decrease the number of times you forget.

And if you really want to ensure that you don’t miss a dose, grab a time-enabled replacement cap for your insulin pen from Timesulin.

Now, on to the tips!

1. Don’t get distracted during injections

You might be in the middle of a conversation or finishing work, but when it’s time to inject, politely excuse yourself and take care of it right away. Putting off any kind of task – even for one minute – can increase the likelihood of forgetting it altogether.

2. Lump daily habits together

If your injection falls around the same time as other daily habits, get into the routine of doing them altogether. For example, an injection at night before you go to bed can be done along with brushing your teeth and washing your face.

3. Keep insulin injection supplies in an obvious location

Having your insulin supplies in the location where you will need to inject can help serve as a reminder. In fact, having multiple insulin kits (one at home and one at work) can make keeping up with insulin injections easier.

What tips or routines do you use to keep track of your insulin? Let us know in the comments!



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