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Short on Holiday gift ideas? No worries, we did the work for you. Here are our top-5 gifts for people with diabetes:

We compiled a list of products that are simple, smart and helps people living with diabetes to manage their condition better.

1. mySugr – Diabetes Management App
Not much has happened in the development of diabetes logbooks since the invention of pen and paper. The awesome team at mySugr has decided to change this. The app is fun, beautifully designed and motivates the user to take better care of a diabetes monster! This app is a great gift for people with diabetes who use smartphones. mySugr is not just another app on the home screen, it is a registered medical device – both with the FDA and also in Europe.

The generous people at mySugr are offering a 2-week FREE mySugr Companion PRO for all our readers. Voucher code: 170257635330


2. Flic – The Wireless Smart Button
For those of you who love technology. You can program this button to do pretty much whatever you want, your creativity is the limit. Experiencing low blood sugar? Alert your loved ones with a press of a button? Done! They have also listed some great ideas on their website. They are currently running a crowdfunding campaign over at Indiegogo – expected delivery in April 2015. The Timesulin team is waiting for this one!



3. Vint – Unlock A World of Workouts
Experts agree that people living with diabetes can all benefit from exercise. Give your loved one exercise inspiration through this peer-to-peer workout app! Great for both beginners and advanced athletes alike. Vint allows the user to find instructors, schedule the session with them and manage payments and booking. Timesulin approves!


4. Abbott Freestyle Libre 
No more finger pricking! This brand new blood sugar meter launched in select European countries by Abbott is, what they call, a flash glucose monitor. A blood glucose monitor, but one that truely involves no finger pricks, not even to calibrate it. Pretty amazing.

Our CEO John has been using it for the last few weeks and from his own use, gives it a big thumbs up.


5. Timesulin – Smart cap for your insulin pen(s)
For those of you who have not heard about us before. Timesulin tells you how long since your last injection. Timesulin was created in 2012 by our CEO John Sjölund. He lives a busy and active life as a Type-1. John often had to think about “Did I take my injection or not?”  This problem led to the creation of a automatic timer for your insulin pen known as Timesulin. Timesulin is a replacement cap that tells you how long since your last injectin.  No more missed or double injections. Learn More

Are you interested in ordering this gift for a diabetic that uses disposable insulin pens?
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