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Our Personal and Professional New Years Resolutions for 2014

187093039With the new year almost here, the entire Timesulin team has been thinking a lot about what goals we want to set for ourselves this year. Diabetes management requires a lot of moving parts working together simultaneously, and it’s easy to slip up once in a while and backtrack on past goals. But a new year is a good chance to start fresh, so we’ve come up with a few New Years resolutions, both as individuals and members of the diabetes community, as well as some group goals for our company that we want to share.

Personal Resolution

If there’s one area of my diabetes management that I don’t always adhere to – even after living with T1D for 28 years – it’s checking my blood sugar after every meal. This year, my personal resolution is to make testing my blood sugar after every meal a higher priority. Information plays a big role in healthy diabetes management, and making sure I stay on top of my blood sugar levels more often will help me better dose my insulin and avoid hypos, especially when I’m training for an endurance race.

Team Resolution

We’ve also talked a lot about having a team goal that we can work towards together during the year, and in 2014 that goal is going to be to eat more fat and less carbs to balance our blood sugar better (even our colleagues that don’t have diabetes).

Healthy fats (like nuts, peanut butter, and avocados), as well as foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids (like fish, tofu, and flaxseed) help you keep your blood sugar balanced by filling you up without relying on carbs. This year, we’re going to make a big effort to choose healthy fats when we eat.

Company Resolution

Our company goal for 2014 is to launch another product to continue to help make life with diabetes easier and more manageable. Through our Timesulin insulin pen replacement cap, we’ve been able to help thousands of our peers in the diabetes community, and we hope to be able to help even more people in the coming year.

We’ve had a great 2013, and we hope you have too. Share your resolution for the new year below!

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