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3 reviews for Timesulin For SoloStar

  1. John Fleming

    Lantus Solastar

  2. John Fleming


  3. Grahame Sinclair

    Takes all the guess work out of it I have been type 1 Diabetic since 1965 I was presented with my gold medal last year (not actual gold unfortunately) and the Consultant that presented it to me was shocked how rudimentary the kit was that you left hospital with in 1965 1 glass syringe a pack of needles that resembled a pack of javelins a kidney dish sterilisation tablets sterile swabs and an industrial size box of cotton wool nowadays it’s so much easier pre-loaded syringes glucometres 14 day on arm sensors insulin pumps I could never have imagined the advances in equipment for diabetes back then amazing thank you for making life a little easier.

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