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Recently, Timesulin was awarded Most Innovative Patient Developed Digital Technology as part of an NHS innovation program in the United Kingdom run by mHealth Habitat. To think that our device would be worthy of being featured in this category speaks to the power of simple solutions that are created to solve problems that real patients face on a daily basis. We were thrilled to have Alex Silverstein, former President of the IDF Young Leaders program, accept the award on our behalf and I truly hope that this helps make our product more accessible to those that need it most. My hope is that news of Timesulin will reach everyone working in the NHS and beyond and that it will be shared with the Timesulin helps patients remember living with diabetes that may suffer from the issue of forgetting if they took their insulin. Ultimately, my goal in working as passionately with Timesulin as I have, is to make life a little simpler for those of us living with diabetes. Thank you for helping me get closer to that.

When the team and I started Timesulin the goal was simple – to make a device that would make it a little easier for me to remember when I had taken my insulin. We started by using a Disney Hanna Montana watch face to test the concept, set into a 3D printed cap, and were able to have a device that solved my issue of telling me how long it had been since I last took my insulin shot – albeit crudely at that point!

As we started to show this simple device to people we were stunned to learn how may people regularly experienced this same problem – and how many people had suffered some scary events (including comas and lengthy hospital stays) as a result of an accidental double dose and severe hypoglycemia. Only recently, thanks to a large research project completed by Novo Nordisk, did we realise the full extent of this problem – a full 93% of all insulin pen users confirmed that they regularly struggle to remember if they have taken their habitual insulin doses. Crazy.

Over the past four years it has been an incredible journey and I am so proud that our simple device is now in the hands of hundreds of thousands of people living with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, making their lives a little easier, a little safer and more balanced.

And to other small business owners working hard to innovate solutions for those of us living with chronic conditions, keep up the good work. Your idea may be small now, but small ideas – such as Timesulin – has the potential to save hundreds of thousands of lives. Onwards and upwards!

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