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Timesulin in South Africa

Timesulin in South Africa – Today Only

In partnership with Diabetes South Africa and Groupon – we are excited to announce that today only Timesulin, the smart cap for your insulin pen, is available in South Africa. For World Diabetes day and with the support of these two organizations, you can get Timesulin!

Click here to go directly to the Groupon Product Page

In support of raising awarness about Diabetes in South Africa – Groupon and Timesulin have setup a campaign that allows people to make a donation to Diabetes South Africa and also get the product. Note, this is a one time offer to be able to get Timesulin in South Africa and we are not sure when the next opportunity will be. If Timesulin is something that can help you with your diabetes, now is the time to act.

To make things even better, thanks to a generous donation by Diabates South Africa and Kulula Airlines, anybody who purchases Timesulin through this campaign will be entered into a drawing to get a ticket anywere in South Africa that Kululu supports.

Go Blue!

See theĀ Groupon Product PageĀ to learn more.

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