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AustraliaInsulin pens are about to get smarter in Australia!

We are excited to announce that Timesulin is available for purchase on for everyone living in Australia.

We are also excited to continue the international expansion of Timesulin by making our product available to all insulin pen users in Australia. Since our launch in 2011, we have had many requests from Australia to make our product available.  It feels fantastic to be able to fulfil our promise to make life with diabetes easier for all those pen users in Australia.


This is made possible through our partners in Australia who will dispatch Australian orders domestically.

“We are excited to be involved with Timesulin in Australia, so that Australian’s will also have the choice to use Timesulin’s unique insulin pen cap timer technology to manage their diabetes more easily”


We are reaching out to the local diabetes organisations like :
The Type-1 Diabetes Network, all Diabetes Australia branches, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia & Australian Diabetes Educators Association to help us share the news and educate people, on how Timesulin can make living with diabetes easier and safer.

Timesulins simple concept and our approach to design enables people of all ages, to simplify their daily hassels, since the smart cap has no buttons or new systems to learn – just snap it on your insulin pen and you never have to worry about “Did I take my shot not?”

Since 2011, Timesulin has helped over 100 000 people in making life with diabetes, just a little bit easier.

Learn More about Timesulin and get one for yourself or a loved one at :

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