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Timesulin Travel Tips: 3 Gadgets for Making Travel with Diabetes Better

180146345If there’s one hallmark of the holiday season, it’s traveling. Visiting family and catching up with old friends is always great. Getting from here to there, though, may not be so great. We’ve written before about how to effectively manage traveling with diabetes supplies, but traveling during the holiday season with a bunch of T1D gear can test the patience (and sanity!) of even the saintliest traveler.

So before you pack everything up and head to the airport, take a look at these nifty travel diabetes gadgets that we use while we’re on the road. It may not take all the stress out of traveling, but it can definitely make it a lot more manageable.

Diabete-ezy Multi-Fit Travel Case


Diabetes supplies travel kits and cases usually comes in two varieties: ones that are stylish, but provide very little functionality; and ones that provide great functionality, but look like boring medical supply cases. Diabete-ezy has managed to find a great middle ground, though, by creating a trendy and colorful case that’s durable while still having a million compartments for everything from your BGM and insulin pen to test wipes, insulin vials, and snacks (for any hypos that may happen).

FRIO Insulin Wallet


On common challenge that we all have when we’re on the road is how to keep our insulin refrigerated. FRIO has helped solve that problem by creating a slim, easy-to-pack wallet that holds your insulin, keeps it cool, and protects it from breakage (if it’s in a vial). The best thing, though, is that it’s versatile, so you can use it with an insulin pen (or two, as they have a duo wallet) or with a syringe and vial of insulin. Keep in mind, to use the FRIO wallet with our Timesulin replacement cap, you’ll need to specifically order the protective cover, which will shield Timesulin from moisture.

Did we also mention that it’s affordable?

Glucolift Travel Tube

glucolift travel

Our talked about our friends over at Glucolift before, but they also have a great waterproof travel-sized tube pack that you might not know about. Since hypos are an unfortunate reality for all of us, it’s good to have glucose tablets on hand when we’re out and about – and especially when traveling, since we might not always have access to food that will help get our blood sugar back in a safe range. Glucolift is an alternative to generic glucose tablets that taste terrible, that are made from natural flavors. But more importantly, they work fast.

You can pick up a trio of travel tubes that hold 8 Glucolift tablets each, which is perfect for storing one in your carry-on, one in your checked bag, and an extra tube to keep on your person whenever you arrive at your destination. They also work with non-Glucolift glucose tablets, so if you use a different brand, these cases will still come in handy.

Now that we’ve shared our favorite travel gadgets and supplies, we want to hear from you! Do you have any travel supplies that you always take with you on trips? Share your travel gadgets and tips in the comments with the rest of the Timesulin community so that we can make traveling with diabetes better for all of us!


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