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Just three short months after successfully reaching our Indiegogo goal, we’re excited to announce that we’ve been approved by the FDA. That means that in just a few weeks, Americans will be able to purchase Timesulin through our online store, and through select retail channels.

Through our crowdfunding campaign, we raised enough money to fund the costly and time-intensive FDA registration process. And we’re happy to announce that only a few months later, we’ve officially finalized our FDA registration and are almost ready to launch in America.

It’s estimated that nearly 3 million Americans are living with Type 1 diabetes, and tools that help make diabetes management simpler can significantly improve the quality of life for the diabetes community. Everyone should have access to these types of tools, regardless of their nationality or where they live.

This small success on our end is a huge victory for the diabetes community at large. It means that through the power of community and innovative platforms (like crowdfunding sites), we can make our voices heard and demand access to better healthcare technology and solutions that will improve our lives and our ability to stay healthy.

Thank you, again, for supporting us and for helping make diabetes management easier and safer for the global diabetes community. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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