Put the World back in World Diabetes Day

November 25th, 2014

Put the World back in World Diabetes Day

Article by Gavin Griffiths, ‘The DiAthlete’

World Diabetes Day, led by the International Diabetes Federation, takes place every year on the birth date of Dr. Frederick Banting, a scientist who was born in Alliston, Canada in 1891, and founded the use of insulin on humans.

Aside from myself, you might not necessarily find people with diabetes popping the champagne cork and toasting one to “Freddy-Boy”, but Banting’s discovery in 1922 has been a key factor towards keeping millions of people alive for the past 92 years.

Diabetes is a disease where the pancreas fails to produce the hormone called insulin, or enough of it.
This means that glucose is unable to enter … Read more...