Timesulin Is Recommended by the Worlds Leading Diabetes Doctors and Nurses

If you are a diabetes specialist nurse or doctor, we’d like to extend a huge thank you to you for taking care of the many members on the Timesulin team who live with diabetes. Your support and care continues to inspire us to help make life for others living with this condition a little bit easier!

Timesulin helps caregivers

Timesulin is a tool for both patients and their healthcare advisers – created by someone living with diabetes who has first-hand experience of the frustrations your patients face on a daily basis. While Timesulin gives the power of great diabetes control back to your patient, it also helps you by making obsolete those midnight panic calls from patients who took an accidental double dose of insulin. You know the ones we’re talking about, right?

We have spoken to many Diabetes Specialist Nurses and Endocrinologists around the globe and they all have one thing in common – an unwavering passion about making life for their patients living with diabetes a little bit easier. It’s hard, because life with diabetes is tough and as a healthcare professional you cannot take control for the way your patients manage their diabetes. You can, however, advise them on what the best options are for their treatment. And we’d like to suggest to you that you recommend Timesulin.

How can Timesulin help my patients?

Timesulin takes the uncertainty out of knowing whether or not the last insulin injection was administered – and how long ago that was. It offers the person with diabetes the security of knowing for sure that they administered their habitual shot, preventing them from having to deal with the symptoms of an accidental missed or double insulin dose. Your patients may range from very young to very old and we are certain that Timesulin is the perfect accessory for both patient groups – and everyone in between.