About Timesulin

Timesulin is a brand of Patients Pending Ltd, established in 2010 to create unique and patentable solutions to daily issues faced by people living with chronic conditions. We focus on simplicity for the user for every design decision we make. Our first patented product, Timesulin, has achieved international adoption by the diabetes community globally through partnerships with diabetes patient associations, relationships with large pharmaceutical companies and direct sales to customers who can benefit from the security that Timesulin provides.

In 2017, Patients Pending Ltd was acquired by Bigfoot Biomedical, a new kind of medical device company developing technologies to significantly reduce the cognitive, emotional, and financial burden of insulin-requiring diabetes. With an intense focus on ease of use, Bigfoot intends to optimize the dosing and delivery of insulin through an integrated medical device ecosystem powered by machine learning and enhanced by secure, user-friendly consumer technologies, fundamentally changing the paradigm of care. The company’s pioneering smartphone-enabled systems include both automated infusion pump and connected insulin pen options for consumers and will be delivered via a first-of-its-kind monthly subscription service model. Patients Pending Ltd founder and CEO John Sjölund now serves as Bigfoot’s Vice President Connected Injection.


  • Ilke De Gouveia
    Ilke De Gouveia Finance Director

Timesulin Advisors

The Timesulin team is compromised of a global network of partners, consultants and advisors.

  • Paul Madden
    Paul Madden Senior Healthcare Executive
  • Gunnar Wormbs
    Gunnar Wormbs Director of Operational Excellence at GE Healthcare
  • Max Sakajja
    Max Sakajja Business Development & Strategy at Envirotainer
  • Eric Tizioni
    Eric Tizioni Business Development Leader at GE Healthcare

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