Timesulin Makes Life With Diabetes Easier

With Timesulin you don’t ever have to think
“Did I take my shot or not?”
Timesulin tells you how long since your last injection.

Don’t just take our word for it.

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How It Works

Simply tells you how long it’s
been since last injection

  • Snaps onto your existing insulin pen
  • No buttons to push


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See what our users are saying

  • If anything, I would say that Timesulin made me aware of how often I truly forget whether or not I have given an injection.

    Kerri Sparling
    Kerri Sparling SIX UNTIL ME
  • There’s nothing quite like that anxiety when I am raking my brain trying to remember whether or not I took my insulin injection – and dealing with the fear a potential self-induced hypo or hyper experience. Worrying takes up way too much mental capacity. Timesulin will free me up to focus my energy on more fun things!

    Mike Young
    Mike Young Blogger, Torrevieja, Spain
  • I am so excited about Timesulin! I am 18 years old and find remembering if I took a shot very difficult. I forget all the time and can’t express how brilliant this idea is as I often worry about future complications of double dosing or missing a shot.

    Emily Owens
    Emily Owens USA
  • I’ll tell you what, I am sick to death with features! I have an alarm clock I can’t use because it has more features than a dog has flees...Timesulin does one thing, the very thing I need. Please, please keep it that way. It’s a great product!

    Bill Harborne
    Bill Harborne Type 2 since 1996, on insulin since 2006

+100,000 people with diabetes trust Timesulin.

“You and your team have a winner; it is needed, simple in concept, simple to use, inexpensive, promotes safety, decreases concerns of patient, loved ones and HCP; increases the balance of diabetes for many (most, even the brightest, forget sometimes), and again it is NEEDED!”

– Paul B. Madden
Former Chair, Education and Research Foundation of the American Association of Diabetes Educators

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