• You and your team have a winner; it is needed, simple in concept, simple to use, inexpensive, promotes safety, decreases concerns of patient, loved ones and HCP; increases the balance of diabetes for many (most, even the brightest, forget sometimes), and again it is NEEDED!

     Paul B. Madden
    Paul B. Madden Chair, Education and Research Foundation of the American Association of Diabetes Educators
  • In my experience as a nurse consultant in diabetes, the problem of forgetting whether or not the very important insulin injection has been administered is a prominent one, recently highlighted by Novo Nordisk’s GAPP study (link to study). The study concluded that more than three quarters of people living with diabetes miss crucial insulin injections. One of the main reasons listed was simple lapse of memory, which Timesulin addresses with an easy-to-use solution that requires no programming or change in habit

    Grace Vanterpool
    Grace Vanterpool Consultant Nurse, CLCH Diabetes Intermediate Service, London, United Kingdom
  • At 11:30 this morning I walked into the kitchen to see my insulin pen still on the counter. In the morning I take my pen out of a mug I keep it in to take my shot, and after my shot I put it back in the mug. It seemed odd that it would still be on the counter. It’s not like me to forget to take my shot. I thought maybe I took my shot and forgot to put my pen back into the mug. But I couldn’t know for sure, could I? UNTIL NOW, WITH TIMESULIN’S SMART CAP!!! Sure ‘nuf it showed I hadn’t taken my shot for 27 hours! Thank you Timesulin!

    Riva Greenberg
    Riva Greenberg Diabetes advocate and journalist
  • That anxiety of not knowing for sure when you took your last injection truly knows no boundaries –  diabetes doesn’t discriminate based on skin colour, heritage or location. I see so many patients – young and old – who often complain to me about the fact that they live in fear of taking an accidental double dose or skipping their insulin injection. Aside from the potential long-term complications, it just makes them feel sick when it happens. And Timesulin is something that can avoid this for anyone – even over here in ‘faraway’ Africa!

    Dr Jorinn Hoffmann
    Dr Jorinn Hoffmann GP, Windhoek, Namibia
  • Many Type 1 patients are diagnosed when they’re very young. Timesulin offers a great solution for my little patients’ parents, who are often still struggling to come to terms with their child’s diabetes diagnosis and can truly use any help to make life a little less stressful. Particularly when both parents are involved in the administration of insulin injections, any tool that help avoid accidental double doses and make communications clearer and easier, is hugely welcomed.

    Lisa Ernstsson
    Lisa Ernstsson Pediatric Nurse, CHC Amadeusclinic Halmstad, Sweden
  • Any innovation or product that is simple to use and provides people with diabetes with a better quality of life is welcome. Timesulin gives people with diabetes peace of mind by reducing another stress of living with this condition…forgetting or remembering to take insulin. It also provides the educators and caregivers to those with diabetes reassurance on safety issues that arise from forgetting to take insulin. I commend the Timesulin team for their efforts in bringing such an innovative and badly needed product to the market!

    Helena Farrell RGN
    Helena Farrell RGN Diabetes Nurse, Founder of Diabetes Insight, Cork, Ireland


  • If anything, I would say that Timesulin made me aware of how often I truly forget whether or not I have given an injection.

    Kerri Sparling
    Kerri Sparling SIX UNTIL ME
  • I’ve been using Timesulin for a couple of weeks now on both my pens and it is great. Wish I had had it years ago. It has given me a degree of confidence which I did not previously have, in that I never have those “Did I or didn’t I?” moments. I used to have a solitaire peg which I moved along 4 little holes. This was OK as long as I remembered whether I had also moved the peg when I did the injection! Timesulin is a great invention.

    Christine Clark
    Christine Clark Timesulin user, Cheshire, UK
  • I’ve taken on a number of extreme challenges, including running the 70 mile Isle of Wight to raise funds for diabetes – it is crucial that I have good control of my blood sugar levels, particularly the night and morning before a major sporting challenge. I simply cannot risk missing an injection – or, even worse – taking an accidental double shot and draining all my energy before even starting a race! Timesulin ensures that this will not happen.

    Gavin Griffiths
    Gavin Griffiths London, UK, Olympic torchbearer, ultra-marathon runner and Type 1 since age 8
  • I ask myself the same question four or five times a week: ‘did I or didn’t I just take my shot?’, There’s nothing worse than having to search the depths of my memory to recall if I took my insulin dose with each meal. Well, actually there is: the accidental double shot. The symptoms come in stages. First my forehead and shoulders break out in a cold sweat. Then my muscles begin to ache. Then I become drowsy and want to fall asleep. Every meal is accompanied by this anxiety.

    Jonathan Davies
    Jonathan Davies Type 1 since 2008
  • I’m a 26 year old male who has had Type 1 diabetes for fifteen years. As soon as I heard about Timesulin I knew that I had to get my hands on it. I manage my diabetes pretty well, but when I get busy at work and am running between meetings I constantly worry about missing a shot – or whether I took my last injection. Timesulin seems to just offer that added peace of mind – freeing me to focus on the things I really want to spend my energy on – and letting me get on with my life.

    Chris Mack
    Chris Mack Ohio, USA
  • There’s nothing quite like that anxiety when I am raking my brain trying to remember whether or not I took my insulin injection – and dealing with the fear a potential self-induced hypo or hyper experience. Worrying takes up way too much mental capacity. Timesulin will free me up to focus my energy on more fun things!

    Mike Young
    Mike Young Blogger, Torrevieja, Spain
  • I am so excited about Timesulin! I am 18 years old and find remembering if I took a shot very difficult. I forget all the time and can’t express how brilliant this idea is as I often worry about future complications of double dosing or missing a shot.

    Emily Owens
    Emily Owens USA
  • I’ll tell you what, I am sick to death with features! I have an alarm clock I can’t use because it has more features than a dog has flees...Timesulin does one thing, the very thing I need. Please, please keep it that way. It’s a great product!

    Bill Harborne
    Bill Harborne Type 2 since 1996, on insulin since 2006
  • Both my son and stepdaughter have diabetes. Between the two of them not many injections are forgotten, but even just one is one too many. I am very excited by the arrival of Timesulin.

    Caroline Tester United Kingdom
  • Night times are a real issue as it’s easy to switch to auto pilot getting ready for bed. But I have often found myself laying awake worry whether or not I had my injection, and I can’t risk injecting twice. As I inject at least 4 times a day, its just an everyday routine.  Anyone who doesn’t have diabetes can’t understand how it’s possible to forget if you’ve just injected yourself as everyone know injections are supposed to hurt. But It’s a bit like thinking ‘Did I lock the door?’ – you do it so often you can’t always remember.  Timesulin will take away the doubt and let me sleep at night.

    Val Briggs United Kingdom
  • Great idea and an even better device! I tend to forget if I have or haven’t injected quite often. Rigorous and frequent injections mean that it’s easy to forget whether you’ve done it, or not. To double dose would be tragic and the only way to check would be to test my blood glucose every five to ten minutes until a critical level is reached when you can know for sure – NO, I didn’t. Argh! Timesulin will take away any doubts.

    Geraint Wales
  • This is a most exciting product for me as a busy working mum with type 1 diabetes. I often have to ask the family if anyone has to seen me take my injection as I have been so busy getting the dinner on the table and dealing with the children at the end of a long, busy day that I have no memory of taking my dose.

    Fiona Kerr Scotland
  • Love the idea of Timesulin. I am a type 1 diabetic who has become so automated in taking my injections I often forget whether I have or haven’t injected. Perfect for me!

    Anne Marie Edinburgh, Scotland