Timesulin is a brand of Patients Pending Ltd, established in 2010 to create unique and patentable solutions to daily issues faced by people living with chronic conditions. We focus on simplicity for the user for every design decision we make. Our first patented product, Timesulin, has achieved international adoption by the diabetes community globally through partnerships with diabetes patient associations, relationships with large pharmaceutical companies and direct sales to customers who can benefit from the security that Timesulin provides.

Our History

Timesulin was launched in 2011 to address the needs of co-founder and CEO, John Sjölund, who has been living with Type 1 diabetes since he was three years old. John is a smart guy, but he often second-guessed himself about whether or not he had administered his insulin dose. John wanted a simple solution that would confirm the time since he last took an insulin shot and help avoid an accidental missed or double dose of insulin. After searching high and low for a solution that would allow him to maintain his current insulin treatment program (the Lilly KwikPen Humalog for fast-acting insulin and the Sanofi SoloSTAR Lantus for long-acting insulin) John and his brother Andreas decided to create a solution that would make life for him – and all other people living with diabetes – just a little bit easier.

Today Timesulin operates on a global scale and helps anyone living with insulin-dependent diabetes avoid low or high blood sugar symptoms and lead a better, safer and more balanced life. The patented Timesulin ‘smart cap’ fits onto all major insulin pen brands and has a built-in timer to show how long it has been since the last insulin injection was administered. Timesulin is manufactured in Germany and was first launched to consumers in February 2012 through a network of independent distributors, pharmacies and direct via the firms online shop. Timesulin has offices in London and Stockholm and the brand has garnered the support of the world’s leading medical device and diabetes experts.

Get To Know Us

The Timesulin team is comprised of a global network of partners, consultants and advisors.
Feel free to contact us through team ( at ) timesulin.com and we will get back to you!

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If you have any questions about the product or a recent purchase you made, please contact the helpful Timesulin support team.