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From our Press Release October 11, 2016:

Patients Pending LTD today announced its newest product for insulin pens that will provide data and more automated care in a Bluetooth enabled dose capture cap that is compatible with the leading existing insulin pens. By making patient data accessible, the firm will be able to provide patients and caregivers with personalized dosing support, coaching and patient/clinical communication – data that is not currently available. The newest generation Timesulin device will create an intelligent insulin delivery system on any of the millions of existing insulin pens by accurately capturing dosing data, time and temperature.

The company – responsible for the original Timesulin smart replacement cap with a built-in timer – is currently in the final phase of its research and development for its next generation devices after successful testing phases. This news from Patients Pending is the first of its kind for insulin pen users.

Timesulin was launched five years ago as a replacement cap for existing insulin pens to help users avoid dangerous double or missed doses of insulin by showing how long it’s been since the last shot was taken. To date, this product has sold over 200,000 units in 40 countries around the globe. The next generation Timesulin product combines the life-saving capabilities of the original replacement cap with revolutionary data capturing abilities at a fraction of the price – and with much higher dosing accuracy – than any other method currently known.

This information will be paired with blood glucose data via an app to create the first open loop system for insulin pen users. “When insulin and continuous blood glucose data are combined on a smartphone, the resulting possibilities of providing individually personalised dosing and behaviour recommendations – at the right time – is game-changing,” says Patients Pending CEO and co-founder, John Sjölund, himself living with Type 1 diabetes for more than 30 years and using such tools. “Recent developments within automated insulin delivery systems are hugely exciting, but these advances only affect people using insulin pumps to manage their diabetes and I worry that for the foreseeable future these systems may be out of reach for the overwhelming majority of people globally that choose – or are forced because of cost – to use insulin pens,” Sjölund continues.

The Patients Pending technology will work with all known existing or future insulin pens, use simple technology and can be produced at a cost low enough to make it viable for even developing markets. The firm believes this new device, which will be able to measure the amount of insulin injected with exceptional precision, will be the first manufacturer agnostic device that is able to go beyond simple logging, to providing dosage recommendations as part of an intelligent insulin delivery system.

“For the last five years, we have evaluated dozens of technologies to try to understand how we could create a product that is accurate, simple, and low-cost enough to allow diabetes automation for everyone living with diabetes – regardless of financial circumstances. Our new Timesulin device allows people to keep using the same insulin pen and medicine that they know and trust – whether it comes from companies like Novo Nordisk, Lilly, Sanofi or Biocon – with no prescription or change in routine,” Sjölund continues. “Currently, less than 1% of people with diabetes have access to their own health data and I feel secure in the fact that our device is more accurate than anything else we have encountered.”

Patients Pending believes that providing data to facilitate real-time and automated decision-making will be a ground-breaking step in making life with diabetes simpler, safer and more balanced. The firm plans on submitting a regulatory filing in 2017. Further, it is currently in discussions with potential commercial partners to determine the best route to bring this product into the hands of as many people with insulin-dependent Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes globally.


Press Release October 11, 2016

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  • Raydon Juta

    Hey guys, any news about this development yet?

    • ilke

      Dear Raydon, this development is underway and currently in progress through our parent company in the USA, Bigfoot Biomedical Inc. They are designing a range of pen caps that will have smart technology and also dose capture capabilities. They hope to have it in for approval with the FDA later in 2020. Watch this space!

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